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‘Mud Man’ to open up art gallery soon from home

Lester “Mud Man” Holt will soon be opening a gallery, showcasing his art at his Harris Street home.

Holt is a folk artist uses a mud mixture from Alabama dirt to form and paint different subjects.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Holt has been busy creating between 20-30 pieces of his distinguished medium.

Holt’s pieces of art are made out of mud, chalk and clay.

“I put ingredients together and make it hard enough to structure with it,” Holt said. “ After I lay it down, I let the heat from the sky go down in there and make it hard to dry it up.”

Holt said once the piece dries, he seals it with a silicon spray.

Every piece of art Holt creates is different.

He said he creates as he goes.

“I don’t have a creative process,” Holt said. “I like to focus on other things to help other people to help us live longer.”

When asked when the art gallery will be open, Holt said it’ll open once the virus lets up a bit.