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How has FEMA handled Hurricane Sally response

By Rep. Bradley Byrne Most people in Alabama have heard of FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Administration. Its name is a little misleading because emergencies ... Read more

Cornhole tournament taught me a bunch

While allowing what hair I have left to dry Saturday, I browsed my Facebook feed and something caught my eye – a cornhold tournament at ... Read more

A gentleman and his cornbread

Unfurling the Martha White self-rising cornmeal hot rize mix, a gentleman prayed that it was enough to make some cornbread over the weekend. Thankfully, the ... Read more

We should open up carefully, safely

By Rep. Bradley Byrne The United States is such a big and diverse country with transparent sources of information and data that we are the ... Read more

A New Supreme Court Justice

By Rep. Bradley Byrne On the Friday night after Hurricane Sally passed, while many of us down here were still digging out and cleaning up ... Read more

Me, a chatter box? It can happen

It was a small crowd, but there were laughs and hearty conversation. As I usually do on a Saturday night, I made my way to ... Read more

We are in the midst of a new Middle East?

By Rep. Bradley Byrne  Last week when I wrote about some good news, I mentioned the recent peace deal between Israel and the United Arab ... Read more

Mark yourself ‘present’ in 2020 Census

Do you remember sitting at your desk in school, and your teacher taking roll? A loud “Present!” would escape my lips when my name was ... Read more

Here’s some good news for y’all

By Rep. Bradley Byrne So often we only hear bad news from the national media, and the good news we do hear is either downplayed, ... Read more

News last week was positive for area, city

There’s a lot happening in and around the Atmore area. Last week, the city of Atmore played host to a resource team with Main Street ... Read more

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