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Education in time of pandemic

By Rep. Bradley Byrne Last week I had a virtual conference with the leaders of the local school systems in our district. Starting a new school ... Read more

It was good to get away

Sometimes, it’s just good to get away for a short while. Over the past weekend, I got the chance to get away for a couple ... Read more

Fans are waiting for the ‘go ahead’

With bated breath, high school and college football fans are waiting until the news declaring the start of the 2020 season. For the past four ... Read more

In memory of a great man

By Rep. Bradley Byrne The day I was sworn into Congress, a man I had never met before but had heard a lot about and ... Read more

Drink plenty of water when it’s hot

Wooo, it’s hot. As the height of summer rolls on, temperatures from here on out aren’t going to be forgiving. For the rest of the ... Read more

A fiscal reckoning

By Rep. Bradley Byrne When the House returns to business next Monday, we will take up the National Defense Authorization Act I wrote about last ... Read more

Our sacred honor is to celebrate birthday

By Rep. Bradley Byrne This weekend America will celebrate its 244th birthday.  Unfortunately, we do so in a time of a pandemic, a struggling economy ... Read more

If selected, city will benefit from ag facility

Anytime city officials announce the prospect of another business being located here in Atmore is always a good thing. Mayor Jim Staff announced June 29 ... Read more

America needs building up, not tearing down

By Rep. Bradley Byrne   Our brilliant Founders built our democracy upon two different but complimentary pillars.  The first and more obvious pillar is our ... Read more

When you go out, wear a facemask

They may be itchy. They may be uncomfortable to wear. They may be hot on your face. They may be hard to breathe through. Facemasks ... Read more

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